Bar Stool Buyers Guide

Chairs, counter stools, and bar stools come in many styles, shapes, and sizes. EBPeters offers a wide variety of modern barstools and many of those have adjustable height ranges to fit many situations. However, a common question we receive is “which size stool is right for my counter height?” Through our years of experience we have put together this basic guide to help shoppers find the right sized stool.

 The most common question we receive is which height stool for which height counter. The three most common needs are table height, counter height, and bar height. The following diagrams show what we recommend for each need.




Two other important measurements are how much space is needed between stools and how much space between the stool and the surface height is needed. For stool spacing, we recommend 26-30” from the center of one stool to the center of the stool next to it. This will allow for comfortable spacing for those at the bar and will also allow adequate room to join and leave the bar. For leg spacing, leave 9" (thin legs) to 12" (Hulk Hogan legs) between the top of the seat and the bottom of the counter. We have diagrams of each scenario here:



We hope EBPeters Barstool Buyers Guide helps you in your search. Of course, if you have any questions about any of our bar stools you can contact us by email at or toll-free at 877-327-3837 (877-EBPeters).